The competition for homes is strong right now. As a buyer, you need to set yourself apart and be able to give the strongest offer possible. I have set up a pre-approval system called the RealQual that will enable you to beat every other offer and even compete with cash offers! There is nothing more frustrating than getting beat out by another buyer after you fall in love with a specific property. We offer a pre-approval process that sellers love. This is a complete income, asset, and credit approval by an actual underwriter on my staff.

Here are the steps we will take to make sure you get an accepted contract on the home you fall in love with!.

  • Fully underwritten pre-approval by an actual underwriter –24 hour turn time
  • Customer Cover Letter – A customized letter explaining why this is the house for you and your family with pictures, etc – make it emotional for the seller, but don’t over do it. Make it real!
  • Close in 15 business days – Once under contract, and a RealQual has been completed, we can close fast!


As your lender, my job not just to get you a great rate, It’s also to guide you and help you get the home you fall in love. To do so, we need to set up you up for success.
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